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Compulsory Insurance for Foreign ResidentsPartner Allianz

To stay in Germany for longer than 30 days, regardless of nationality, anyone must have compulsory health insurance.

Based on the German branch established in February 2020, it targets 450,000 Koreans in Germany, providing all insurance-related services in Germany, and reminding them of “MicroProtect” as a channel for insurance.

In particular, it was confirmed that German is very difficult, so more than half of Koreans live in Germany and have difficulty communicating when going to a hospital. By providing compulsory health insurance, medical benefits are provided free of charge (at no extra cost) to Koreans who cannot go to the hospital due to language problems.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

Free hospital interpretation service, free hospital reservation service and insurance interpretation service for Koreans in Germany. Providing a transformation of the perception that all services are available in Germany, even in Korean, to 40,000 Koreans.


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