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Our Purpose

Secure more people equally

Our goal is to get more people around the world to benefit from insurance.

I will define insurance again.

Until now, burdensome and complicated insurance should disappear.

Insurance that has not lost the essence of true insurance that more people can join and continue without burden,

Microproetct provides such insurance.

Insurance must be everyone's.

We promise free insurance to people who are classified as low-income people worldwide.

The insurance will be provided to people who are sick, who are unable to work or lose the chance to study,

Microprotect offers such insurance.

Insurance should be easy.

We creates easy-to-join, easily-billable insurance.

The latest technology makes complex and difficult insurance easy and friendly.

Combining various technologies, the insurance is easily accessible anytime, anywhere,

Microprotect offers such insurance.

We make only necessary insurance.

We develop insurance with the necessary solidity rather than unnecessary weight.

Insurance that only considers necessary guarantees according to the needs of customers.

Microprotect offers such insurance.

Microprotect provides insurance.

  • The company that comes closest to the nature of insurance
  • The company that tries to get closer to their customers
  • The company that values insurance to more people

Secure more people equally

We are Microprotect.


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